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  1. 3 hours ago, Maverick said:


    HTTPS wouldn't be considered a factor issue for this. However, I did try Linux out and the stated issue occurred twice on Chrome but not on Firefox. 


    Firefox would be the best fitting browser for Linux users, so I'd recommend you try that out instead of Chrome.


    This issue also occurs if you're using a bot client (tested this as well and has happened), if you have one of those bot clients, try turning it off and see what happens when you connect back on. 


    Last thing I'd recommend for you is trying out xat's new HTML5 chat version. To access xat's HTML5 chat version add ?new at the end of the browser URL. Example: http://xat.com/help?new would be directed to Help's HTML5 chat version.

    I was using an extension for a bot client, removed it and it solved my issues. Thanks!


    Thanks to everyone else who replied too, appreciated!

  2. 2 minutes ago, Stif said:

    Try this:

    Right click the xat box, click on settings (configurações in my language);


    1. Click on the folder icon;

    2. Click on Allow (permitir in my language);

    3. Click on close (fechar in my language);


    Then close your browser and restart it, i hope it works.

    Tried, still no luck.

  3. Hi,


    I'm having issues with the userlist not loading on all the chats I visit. Or sometimes the chat doesn't loading at all. Tried resigning in, clearing cache, etc,.,.


    Google Chrome: 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build) (64-bit) ) (up to date)

    Flash: (also up to date)

    OS: Linux

    Screenshot: hpVSFbVURC6A6A-wWkni7Q.png


    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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