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  1. iSro (59944151) Happy Birthday!!
  2. Why not enable an option of put a photo here ? http://prntscr.com/nlt81q

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    2. Nathan


      You need to be an advanced member. Increase your content count / activity. 

    3. SRO


      how i reach to advanced member? 

    4. Nathan


      I think it’s like 25 posts 

  3. Puedo postear en español ? 

    1. Angelo


      Threads can only be in English (except General Support)

    2. Sergio


      Lo siento, los posts solo pueden ser en inglés excepto en General Support, que sí pueden ser en español en el caso de que necesites ayuda con algo. 

  4. asd

    1. iCecy


      Hello 8-)

    2. SRO


      hi (flowerthrow)


  5. Independence day in Costa Rica was also on 15th Sep, but nobody adds the flag on the pawn
  6. The idea was shown before, i hope they do this
  7. Good point buddy, the problem is that i dont know how to name these 3 symbols (cross, start and heart of married) as one only, but the idea it's not bad, what you think about it ?
  8. I want add a suggestion, i think it could be cool for a new power, look: StarColor, StarChanger a power that allows to change the color of the star of register and also the cross of the BFF and the heart of the married, and also add some smilies to make the power a little more complete. Greetings
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