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  1. People stole idea of mine cartoons eye power and even not say thanks loool That's nice from You guys.
  2. Miia

    Cartoon eyes

    Hi. We should have power like this (cartoon eyes). http://i63.tinypic.com/1tjyhw.png <<
  3. Why don't we have someone on xat who is able to buy xat? Resellers from list (70% of them not even sell/buy xats), should have status active/inactive (if they buy/sell xats at moment).
  4. I just want to know why Admin not update a list of trusted resellers? Currently we don't have nobody on xat which is trusted to sell our xats (resellers from list do not buy xats). We need somebody who is always available to buy xats from users. Thanks.
  5. Miia


    I wish xat could have his own button "Xatscreen" who allow to screenshot, without using other application.
  6. xtMercedes (237505039) Im winner, even if I dont won anything
  7. I want to suggest new power SSTATUS (Smiley status). Power who allows to set smileys in our status...
  8. I think that period of waiting no need to be longer then 1 month. That system is not fair for users who need to wait more then 5 months.
  9. I need to ask when volunteers will solve tickets about scamm? Is it too hard to answer on it? Does it need to wait 5 months? Thats insane.
  10. I want to suggest new power (smilewave). Wave effects on smilies with different motion.
  11. Miia

    Melon power

    Thanks Bau 😃
  12. Miia

    Melon power

    This should be my watermelon power (melon power).
  13. Miia

    xAdmin department

    Yes Anna. They only fix issues on that way doing just ignore.
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