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  1. how does a bad connection affect that ? either you are going to chat with protect mode or you are connecting to xat with a suspicious ip .
  2. just follow simple internet safety principles and it would be fine if flirt had staff , i think that would solve the problem by herding those certain people out but the reality is , lots of chats will have this problem , so really its up to the users here . xat isnt going to save everyone here . also : what does "Guest" mean on this forum ? never seen that before .
  3. question : what is the point of this ? IDK what this hype is all about , but it all seems like this will have no positive functional change .
  4. abmk

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    this is a pot of steaming failure xat has already released a power 99% similar to this, and people are buying this ? if anything xat has shown to me ONCE AGAIN that they have ran out ideas . what other pointless powers do we have ? mining tooth songkran eggjinx ... the list goes on can they stop living in la la land , get a dose of reality and release creative and more useful powers ? thats up to them
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