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    My idea is that it be like a PermaBann as indicated in a game´s that you simply can not access a service for abusing the same system which I should apply and it is not being understood by what I see among you. Hopefully it is initially a tool for owners and that involves spending 50 xats or that way I imagine it. . . . because I do not see action on the part of xat.COM see with people who use BOTS in more and more ways annoying or they put images of sexual abuse or of indole pedophiles . . . or simply for annoying more than repeated. And they still do not understand that it's not the idea of limiting chat for that kind of people. . . it's about giving the right people their just punishment.

    I know that they are based on banning the IP that loads the PC's own system and I talk about the service that your internet provider gives you What I mean is that basically xat.COM create a system where you are restricted as well as you are restricted from a YouTube video for example and with great effectiveness. They also use google data to know that is X person through data such as google + or Gmail. Is what you do not understand and so I know very well that they use Bots or any program to annoy very easily and xat.COM has not done anything really effective for a long time and you with your comment and others that I see coming. . . They bury that fact. PD: another example of why not serves the banns currently https://prnt.sc/h3e720 and it's not a plan to limit the chat by those people who comes to bother in a serious chat. And I go ahead again to what they will tell me that there is / p and / pc. are measures that should be used only because the bann is no longer effective and eliminating people who do not want to register. . but if to contribute healthily.

    Hi Why since ever in xat.com have you been dedicated to make useless powers than to help moderators to control chatroom's? what is the purpose to not make free powers which works as a tool to moderate? Or at least, why to not make the bann really effective? Which means to make a ban of their internet providor's ip ? So then, they will can not use disbann. Which means to make a ban of their internet providor's ip * PD: As a request, don't use the excuse of "only registered users can be controlled in those chat's" I got tired of people like https://prnt.sc/h30b6y and http://prntscr.com/h30d66 (and they are tiny examples) these And i refuse to use ignore as a part to solution if i want to have a serious chat room. You choose if you do something I will also choose if they decide not to do anything. Goodbye :-)

    GRACIAS bro ;D

    Gracias por tu respuesta, pero tiene que ser mas efectivo el Bann . . . porque esas soluciones o otras que existen yo les he visto en función y presentan bugs significativos y otras cosas. Por eso expreso que la gente de xat.com de la cara frente esta problematica ya solo desde el simple Bann. PD: igualmente gracias por tu respuesta. :-)

    Porque al paso de la historia de xat.com solo se dedican a sacar powers insípidos y más de troleo que para ayudar a la gente a moderar una sala? Y cual es la idea de no dejar gratis las herramientas que brindan escasos powers? O mínimo! porque no hacer el bann mas efectivo simplemente para hacer que se le banne su IP de su proveedor de internet asi ya no se pueda desbannear? PD:A y no se vale esa respuesta de que si existen las herramientas para limitar el chat a solo registrados . . . los chats no los debes limitar por la incompetencia de la herramienta que es el Bann. Me canse de gente como esta https://prnt.sc/h30b6y http://prntscr.com/h30d66 y el ignore tampoco es la solución cuando quieres tener un chat serio y centrado.