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  1. I'm sorry to see that, so yes, before creating another ticket, you must wait very patiently for the other to be answered. After that one has an answer, then you can open another one about this problem.
  2. You will need to make a ticket at xat.com/Ticket , if you say you have all of this done already. And it needs to be under "Lost Auth."
  3. Hello, Please check the clock on your phone and make sure that your time is set correctly. If the problem still occurs re-enter the time-based code that you have been given.
  4. Also Matt, if you've just switched your phone, you need to use the page you printed out and add the account code or the time-based code to the application again. You can also turn off authenticator and turn it back on and use the new code. If this doesn't work either, you will need to open a ticket at xat.com/Ticket under "Lost Auth" and say you are having trouble with the Authentication. Danny, I don't have the problem.
  5. Hello Matt, Error E33 means you have a different time on your device to the one on xat. Please make sure that the time is correct and re-sync the time to the device's clock. E35 means your authentication code is wrong. Please try entering it again, if it doesn't work, then do the above or try re-syncing with the Google Authenticator app.
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  7. Some of my friends on a chatroom are suggesting another smiley power, but in which if you could click on them, it would make the exact sound the animal would. The one they would like the most to be designed is a donkey. I mean, it doesn't have to be this exact type of animal, but I mean for any other.
  8. What error do you get when trying to open a Lost Auth ticket?
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