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  1. Happy Birthday Arthur. Hope you have a great day. :)

    1. Arthur


      Thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday Mihay. I hope you have a great day!

  3. ThePowerful1 (417029306)
  4. Buon compleanno, Atti!

  5. I did get this, for a while too. I think it's stopped though for me. Quite weird why it happened in the first place.
  6. I was thinking along the lines of "Custompawn" but it can be a different name then that. Yes, I do agree, but I'm talking about like, the more general powers which didn't require a special "days event" like as in some smiley powers had pawns for a certain amount of time.
  7. Recently, my friends and I were talking about new powers (again), and one of them has suggested making one which has something to do with the Pawns on xat. Remember how all of the limited pawns we could use in the past are now non-existent? (Example burningheart) Well, we could use pre-customized pawns that xat has made in the past, and turn it into a power. We're not quite sure what we could name it, but it's something we were thinking about.
  8. Happy birthday. Hope you have a good day.

  9. Happy birthday, Flake. Hope you have a good day.

    1. Flake


      thank you!!!

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