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  1. hello , i wanna unblack list this ticket Number : Ticket #12436600 to unblock my account or just can you close it to have the possibiliity to open a new ticket thanks . @Admin
  2. i contact my payementwall and i get this responce http://prntscr.com/i6uv6g also i contact my phone provider and they told me that all pyement are completed also onecard they send me a rappot off my last transaction and they claim to me that all payement are completed so now what the problem ? @Admin
  3. i check my payementwall then i get this http://prntscr.com/i54sef but the problem i can't understand iff one card is a fake payement method ??
  4. hello i decide to open this topic when i don't get my right here i am the owner off my register Abeer my account was torched without no reason then when i open ticket they ask me to repay an amout that has been versed with a new account i create a new account then i ask xat.com for the ammount i should repay they send me https://prnt.sc/i53qu6 they ask me to repay a 10$ by paysefcard i do that like you see all here http://prntscr.com/i53w9s then i got a reply in my old email account that they ask me to repay an ammout off 400$ to get back my account like yous see here https://prnt.sc/i53rdw . @Admin check this ! i loose my everypower for no reason i don't get any payement refunded iff the payement was refunded tell me where ? i don't have paypal account or anything so where do you refunded my payement i buy xats from poeple with cash money or with my phone and this for just 12 time not 80 time !
  5. i don't get reply from ticket i wanna know the problem exactly
  6. hello first my regname and id : 1481525238 1481525238 , about a month ago my register was deleted without any reason and when i open ticket xat told me this message bellow : Your payments were refunded by Paymentwall. To unlock your account, you would need to make arrangements to repay the same amount (and a $20 chargeback fee for each reversal) by using OpenBucks (on a new account). If you are serious about repaying, we can find out the total amount that you would need to repay. i never ask xat.com for any refund and i always buy the powers from poeple for cashmoney i sometimes use onecard but just for getting days there i have some transfert to poeple also i buy the everypowers for money not in the site : <screenshots removed> i wish to get my right and my register again cause i loose my money for nothing ! @Admin
  7. hello , when i try to log with my account i get error account deleted when i don't delete my account can any volunteer help me please with this problem i can't open ticket now !
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