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    Reaper2000 (351747673)
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    Reaper2000 (351747673)
  4. Why not both Purple and Namewave? They are both great powers that are high in price and has amazing features. If I had to choose one, I would choose Namewave because it takes so much more xats to obtain and provides colored Wave effects. When you do get it the more you will appreciate it. Well whatever you decide on getting, both powers are good in their own way.
  5. One of my favorites is Lengua.
  6. I don't remember when I joined xat but i knew how I joined it. As i was playing Pokemon Tower Defense, also known as PTD, I came across the PTD Avatar Chat and saw many users spamming xat chats about pokemon tower defense. I was curious so I checked it out.
  7. Durarara!! One of the anime I enjoyed watching.
  8. I would rather be massively obese and incredibly happy since i could get into shape by exercising and dieting until I have an amazing body and still be happy. And also being happy is always better than being miserable. Would you rather be an ANGEL or a DEMON?
  9. Izaya

    Yes or No

    Yes. I don't have the power though. Do you watch anime?
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