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  1. Miyasaki

    Playlist Help

    The code I am using in the edit chat "Page 1" is [youtube:500:400:Qyclqo_AV2M:autoplay=1&list=PLwGR1VT9DFrtU5oZYq3fVJ-ag8WtrDRX-] The URL I'm trying to use is https:// www.youtube.com/playlist?lis t=PLwGR1VT9DFrtU5oZYq3fVJ-ag8WtrDRX- Remove the spaces from the link. Could not copy and paste without the media player itself popping up. @LamingI have never tried to add a playlist to a chat before now, so I am having a hard time understanding what you mean. It took me 3 hours to figure the one I have now out. The link you gave me simply adds the text to the Page 1, instead of the song. The media player only works when I use a playlist instead of an individual song, once again. Me, being retarded, tried what you said, and this is what happened: http://prntscr.com/ftnvlk/direct Probably did it wrong, or misinterpreted what you said.... But, nevertheless, still The Beatles... UPDATE: I am a retard. I wasn't putting anything in the stupid playlist ID. Thank you all for your help. I fixed it now. Stay awesome! (:
  2. Miyasaki

    Playlist Help

    Can anyone tell me why my YouTube playlist on my chat is starting with a song that's not even on my playlist in the first place?... It's The Beatles, for some reason....

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