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  1. Jamie1992

    HTTPS rollout

    the chat on the website doesn't work anymore, do i need to change something?
  2. Jamie1992

    xat chat not working

    hi all i got a question, i am a webmaster of 2 website and the chats are not working, last night they seem to been fine but now no chat i checked the embed codes nothing wrong does xat a problem at this moment or what can it else be? greatzzzz
  3. Jamie1992

    Account conflict

    Hi all. I got a question, friend of mine have 1 laptop and 1 pc, he wants 2 different names on the same chat, when he is logging in on the pc everything is fine, but when he wants to log in on the laptop with a another name xatchat kicks the other one, how is this fixable? there's a conflict on the chat but i can't figure it out so please help me i hope someone will give me the answer greatzzzz

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