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  1. assistance needs this power
  2. there is no point they will just find a way past it
  3. yes i think muffins and brandon should come and step over they would freaking dominate that
  4. This power actually made me laugh bro thank you i needed that
  5. I want to see one with puppies. Like realistic breeds as well
  6. I personally thing the inner and outer thing is just fine.
  7. You are correct there I am tired of seeing that as well. They also need a power that will let you avoid that capatcha crap also since all the raid bots dont even use an account
  8. Might I say that xat needs to start getting busy because these powers will make them famous
  9. What I'm trying to say is maybe forum can get trophies or things like that. Or they can like add more fonts or something like that not a whole big update just something to make forum look better. When I look at forum I have to say that I get a little bit confused like, Xat needs to change the outlines of it or the background maybe hire more staff I'm not sure. And when I say powers suck or however I worded that I am not trying to hate on powers but some of the powers Xat is coming up with are stupid. HOWEVER the smiley makers that Xat has hired, do there job quite well so by all means I am not trying to hate on the smiley makers at all. Like I've seen people comment on the past posts that I have made but none of them have been done. If I caused a whole big thing about all of this I deeply apologise. Also, another thing I was thinking about is what if you could get powers of the forums as well that seems like it would be cool. Also a forum app on the phone would be helpful too. These are just a few ideas that I am throwing out there from the top of my head. ~RadioAktive
  10. If you didn't win I'd be suprised because that looks amazing
  11. I usually get my fonts from a website. I usually use 1001fonts.com
  12. Judging by the code it looks good. However I don't have the me power so I can't load it up yet to see.
  13. Do you sell xatspaces? If you do would you mind messaging me on the forums?
  14. Good job! I like those templates!
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