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  1. drdrin


    Your comment about rainbow is being funny Advanced Member with Useless Reply
  2. drdrin


    I have a gamer i7 2 tera gamer computer and a gforce video card, and 16 gigabytes of memory, I'm playing steam and typing with people from xat, I have no friend lag
  3. drdrin


    It would be interesting to make a test put into practice make it work I think the same color commands in nicknames may also be the same as the pawn, or I do not agree with you friend, we have to do with the programmers of xat.com and it is a good or bad idea
  4. drdrin


    It depends on each one, as your growth in xat.com you will buy the pawn, example starts buying pink , blueman , gold , ruby , pawncolor, pawngrad, pawnwave, this will depend on your money only if you have this condition or not power to have powers
  5. drdrin


    It's not rainbows, they're only 3 colors at most. Please reread the topic please
  6. drdrin


    Could use the same namecolor setting, namegrad, namewave So we do not have our names and peaks, we do not have photos and we do not print the images as they do not fit, but we just imagine the nuclei of our nicks or names It would be much more fun to be able to change pawn name in 2 or 3 colors Following the line of the , PawnColor PawnGrad PawnWave ! ---------------- 1 PawnColor A Collor (hat#00001#ffffff) ---------------- 2 PawnGrad Two stop colors Three stop colors (hat#ac58fa#grad#r-45#fcfcfc#FA58F4#o2) --------------- 3 PawnWave Two running colors three running colors (hat#00000#grad#fcfcfc#1e90ff) --------------- could you make that option by following the lines of the other power namecolor setting, namegrad, namewave ?
  7. drdrin

    514 NOCARA

    Can someone tell me what is happening with wiki? I'm really not understanding
  8. drdrin

    PX power

    Good idea ! Today I look at trade I see he stopped with this idea would be faster to get xats or days
  9. drdrin

    508 SLIMEFX

    It would be interesting to see what the melted hug looks like
  10. drdrin

    506 PCPLUS

    Very easy to fool this function first you add the person to your friends, go to another chat open the friends tab she'll be there now just call her to talk
  11. drdrin

    Nameflag (Suggestion)

    I thought it was a good idea to open border for namegif
  12. drdrin

    504 RACCOONS

    Super power Please thank the person who created this power
  13. drdrin

    Tools for xat

    so needs the answer from 0 to 100 but as it was not possible I think it is doubtful this app, good luck Not an xat.com source application
  14. drdrin

    Tools for xat

    Is it safe to use the application? A score of 0 to 100 which you would give for safety?

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