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  1. drdrin

    Social Chat

    They were created several banned commands and were given to people irresponsible formerly it was easy to see a chat on the floor chatting off the air for not respecting the rules, today you see everypower people paint border chinga ban people and nothing is done, formerly everyone had respect with guest, members, today until the official bots of xat.com are banning guest, members. formerly had more respect with them, I think should have chances of the member and the guest back to attend the xat.com and also the powers in other countries are expensive that makes it difficult for people to get everyone when emmerald left here in Brazil almost all my friends sold the powers and left the xat.com @mike are several factors I'm sorry I think the forum will not solve this issue should have a global meeting
  2. drdrin

    How do you feel about xat?

    I look at the chat and I see that this very slow growth of html5 this is the hard part of making people stay online within the html5 are still missing a million factors so that html5 reaches the perfection of the flash is still missing the games and the trade for be html5, I really see that the owner of xat.com is afraid to hire a team to take care of website because he is afraid that his work will be stolen, he could rather hire people who help in the part of the ticket has people for years waiting support and nothing people posting inside the forum with blocked account titles, this is shameful for the xat.com they charge very dear to have all the powers here in Brazil to have all the powers is 4 thousand real now you imagine to invest 4 thousand real and waiting for months for your account to be unlocked because it is not supported. I find it very funny the volunteers they ask questions within the forum and do not come with the answers to laziness is so much that they block your post in the forum instead of responding, they should at least answer the questions they ask and stop closing the post because do not have the answer
  3. drdrin


    I like the idea of making 5 different names where every 10 seconds the name will be random, have 5 option of avatar each option will have a different gif identical to the name, in the power status add youtube or the own radio with ip and port, change the status which room you are this example: I am now in xat.com/xatbots, can put 5 different phrases in the status and will be changed every 10 seconds this is my idea 😎
  4. drdrin

    494 BOTSTAT

    I already had a broad view of this power, first you need to have an xatbot's account, then an account with a spotify music provider or others and then do the code using command [ !spotify ] I see that only xatbot has this power to change the status we will wait for other xatbot's to develop this code to change status, we will have patience and wait for the programmers to do Thanks for answering .. 😉
  5. drdrin

    494 BOTSTAT

    Is anyone using new power?
  6. drdrin

    494 BOTSTAT

    Thanks now I understood a little bit about this power will have a code that will be generated where I go for in my $status example: $status : fexbots.com/api.php?111.111.111
  7. drdrin

    494 BOTSTAT

    Could you give an example of how to use this new power?
  8. drdrin

    Releasing PROBots source

    Thanks in advance Yes I looked at your files, I have little knowledge in php, but these files will be useful for me to be able to develop Thanks for answering
  9. drdrin

    Releasing PROBots source

    Thanks ... But is missing files type the root folder where it went without it the bot will work? 😎
  10. drdrin

    Update LinkValidator

    I agree with you, many https are having problems like media.php. s0.xat.com s1.xat.com linkvalidator.net comments.php , and some api are not working. I hope that admin is aware of what is happening. I hope you and everyone understand, we have to be patient, we are not here to write beautiful and yes we are here to help each other with solution 😎 The question of my ip relaxes, nobody here wants to dirty the feet of clay
  11. drdrin

    Update LinkValidator

    he is saying that the link http://linkvalidator.net is not available or is out of the air https://s0.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetStrip5.php?c=s_(angry%23angel%23angry)_100&0.9143385179116772 https://s1.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetStrip5.php?c=s_(smile)_100&0.7169976692457991 My God, dude

    Help us solve the case of the media.php page do not display the chats



    1. drdrin


      I can not solve


  13. https://xat.com/PuroExtaseaRadiodaLoira?p=1
  14. Did not work buddy continues with the same thing. Do you have another solution to the problem?
  15. What's different from me? Still does not work have another solution?

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