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  1. Good day i have a question i am banned on xat.com/trade i want to change account can i If I get an account, nothing will happen with my account as I paid for
  2. Good day I'm banning for 15 days on the trade and I do not know why the owners / volunteers are banning me bannned here writes that I did scammed I did not do anything just made me a freak my girlfriend http://prntscr.com/fqp57u ++ http://prntscr.com/fqp4hm this is my ID and my login name please check! Nicu199630 (1525663174) THANKS !!
  3. Try to restart the router or call the agency that you have the internet or better make a ticket and explain there everything that's going on!
  4. Hello this boy promised me that he will give me paysafe card on powers i have accepted this offerta asked me powers before and i gave me boot all colors nameglow and fade please check !! Forget the proof <removed>
  5. I have been holding on account when I woke up to enter the trade I'm banned for 10 days and I do not know why and how I checked with the power events and it seems to me that I'm forever all volunteers seeing this suggestion to check what happened And get me unbanned Thank you!
  6. Good day I made a decision because I'm banning on certain sites XAT I want to transfer powers I have another login made on my internet and I want to know if something will happen with my login if I take hold or something ! Please answer me quickly Thank you for your good advice!
  7. Yes i am sure of 9 days only can i enter! Look at http://prntscr.com/fpmvzh
  8. Please check out why I am banned on the 9-day http:/xat.com//trade and remind me to do something!
  9. I have a question if I want to change my powers after one log on another to make me connect to a browser such as moziilla and google chrome and to transfer the powers / xats / days I held or something on the login?
  10. Good time I insisted on solving something for my login I've been holding for 21 days I want to know and check why I have this mistake if you tell me to stay until I drop down I'll stay I want to check out a volunteer this Ticket No Ticket is: 12167038 << >>> http://prntscr.com/fotm3c Waiting for an answer from a volunteer Thank you !! And please check before explaining why this happened!
  11. Good day please volunteers check why I've been holding for 24 days I made the 5-day ticket and no one responds and I checked the question after my check I saw that there is normal way at the general I understand this thing please Consider this is the last time I post it! http://prntscr.com/fnu6v2
  12. Good world I have a question I have held 25 days I still have 28 days I have sent a ticket in the 20 days have passed 3 days I asked for help and I was told I answer within 72 hours I expected to answer someone And no one answered me please consider accest message please check your heart why I hold and what happened when I made the ticket I selected the general look here no ticket the volunteers to check and tell me what happened ! http://prntscr.com/fnch1m
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