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  1. Luig

    Happy b-day, Odin! 🎈

  2. Happy Birthday @Odin !

  3. Maxo

    happy birthday @Odin

  4. Happy   Birthday!  @Odin

  5. Exin

    Happy birthday @Odin

  6. Marya

    Fliz cumpleaños 

  7. Jean

    Parabens Odin meu brother, felicidades, tudo de bom pra você.

  8. Odin


    Yeah and dont work... if it is necessary to have 7 days of creation, you have to add a note to the wiki
  9. Odin


    is it necessary for an xat to have more than 7 days of creation for another xat to be redirected to it through the redirect?
  10. @Admin anime are not just cute things, there are some pawns and smilies of the dark side of anime, maybe a skull pawn or a little demon.
  11. @SlOom The Pawns are running on all xats, debug and nondebug, except for anichick that is not working
  12. apparently this normalized today, June 12 No, im wrong, still no working
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