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  2. Easier Held Tracker

    I loved your reasoning, but why not add in both places, even if the person can not log in, held will not make a difference, since she needs to be logged in to perform transfer/trade, pop up in xat is much more visible and practical to be seen, but the login information is also useful and valid, do not you think? @SlOom the purpose of sharing the idea is precisely this, see what everyone thinks and what has to add, at first it was just information on the login screen, but now we are already in a pop up, all with the purpose of helping the user with this problem that is already stressful in some cases.
  3. Easier Held Tracker

    yes @Skatel, what @CarlosDesigns quoted is interesting but it is for the future, if it was implemented as fast as possible in the way I suggested would help a lot
  4. @Kumii let's to photoshop bro
  5. Easier Held Tracker

    your suggestion is also interesting @CarlosDesigns, but until the implementation of HTML5 would be good to add in the login page, it's a simple change to make in my point of view
  6. Easier Held Tracker

    The main idea here is to make life easier for the people who already have the problem. Many of you know that the HELD is a xat protection system, but it ends up messing a little at a certain time, moreover, there is no tool that makes it possible to keep track of the remaining time. The only way to actually see the held time is by attempting to transfer or trade, which is somewhat of an impediment. This would simply be solved with the addition of a message in the act of login, according to the image that will be seen blow, when you log in the user will already see how long he's hold and wouldn't need a reliable person to try a trade or transfer to figure that out. It's a simple idea, but it can make the tracking of your held easier. Anyone who has ideas that can be added, feel welcome to share with us on this topic. Special thanks to @Stif and @LaFleur for help with the idea.

    an idea similar to this has already been suggested, you could have done the complement of the idea by his topic. remembering that the dialogue between main owners, owners and moderators is fundamental for a good functioning in team.
  8. Ruby Update

    yes it would be interesting to have the brightness passing by the name, it is an update that may be valid
  9. NameRuby

    then it would be more interesting to suggest as an update of the effect of ruby on the name and not a new power
  10. NameRuby

    The effect of ruby already exists by adding glow#jewel, the idea is not good given the fact that the effect already exists and just having power ruby and namecolor to get it, would be unnecessary a new power that would probably be epic to add a existing effect
  11. Easier Smiley Matching

    is a very good idea, especially for people who own everypower, I believe this can be worked out to stay optimized and fast and serve the users in the best way. see this @Maverick

    Odin (206159116)

    Odin (206159116)