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  1. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    Odin (121997)
  2. ID auction ?

    2M 2B 18M 19M 20002 22222 30003 33333 140217 1000091 1111111

    Odin (121997)
  4. Selling 8 and 9 digits ID

    All the ids of this topic have already been sold, the topic can now be closed @Angelo
  5. Selling 8 and 9 digits ID

    (82444506) Sold
  6. My projects

    Great job, maybe in the future you make money and change your life, BIU is not so cozy
  7. Recaptcha

    Normally this problem with recaptcha usually appears when there is a connection problem, in these cases it is recommended to restart your computer and your internet modem, to be sure if your problem is caused by a connection problem, try to enter xat through another browser, if the problem persists perform the above operation. If not, see the steps below: If recaptcha appears even without a connection problem, you may have a problem with flash caches, you should first try to delete your browser's cookies and caches and log in again, if you still have a problem, you can search by the xatech folder in the flash folder of your browser located in the local disk, and erase all the files from there "flash cache files" and log in again. Note: Deleting the flash cache files will remove your pre-saved settings such as status, powers off and on. Note2: Make sure that the xat you are trying to enter does not have the active protections, making all the steps described above irrelevant since it is only the protection of that particular xat. If none of these procedures solve your problem, I suggest actually looking for a volunteer to see what can be happening to you. I hope I have helped, Thanks.
  8. Selling 8 Digits ID: (82444506) Selling 9 Digits ID: (109720168) (110490860) Reglink available from all ids, please contact me directly by message in forum or adding me in xat with the command /f121997
  9. Advanced Members

    Before the withdrawal of the reputation system was known to everyone that to become an advanced member would have to own 50 posts and 20 likes, now we are seeing "problems" like these: People with more than 50 posts without an advanced member and people with less than that and an advanced member. What's the new score for the advanced member? Is this a bug? Was it a mistake while removing the reputation system? or was it just someone who forgot to change the count?
  10. WIN FLAGHUG (2)

    Odin (121997)

    Odin (121997)
  12. My 2017, Thanks for everything!

    I love you too (beat)
  13. My 2017, Thanks for everything!

    all this? I should win a prize of xat