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  1. How old are you ?!

    i have jesus' autograph from back in the day
  2. Selling 7 digit ID

    ID was sold, topic can be closed.
  3. Hello, I am currently selling the 7 digit ID 1171970 If you are interested in buying private message me on here, or you can PC me on xat by adding my ID /f143742
  4. I am the sexiest person on xat
  5. Editing a xat chat

    You would need to go to edit underneath your chat, enter password, and where it says "Backgrounds" put this code and replace URLHERE with the background URL: body{background-position:center; background-attachment:fixed; background-image: url('URLHERE');
  6. Pcback Contest

    these by far the best ones, if he dont win its rigged

    yea that would be cool, but then again not many people buy IDs anymore so raising the prices higher would make it harder to sell.
  8. damn soph isnt this ur first background this is good
  9. Transferring Short-names

    I'm sure this is something many people have been waiting for. It would be great if there was a system to allow shortname transferring between people. I would like to see this implemented.