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  1. Hi! I'd be selling it for xats, no money.
  2. Hello everyone, I haven't been on xat in an extremely long time and I'm trying to sell my username. Not sure how selling a username works, so hopefully you guys can help me out/make some offers. If I'm able to sell the username along with the ID, I'd be more than happy to. Cutie (38340752) Shoot me some offers. Trying to get rid of it ASAP!
  3. I always admire your work.
  4. Cutie

    hey uhm... i just wanted to let u know that i'm ur biggest fan and i was wondering if we could maybe... be friends? let me know... :$

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    2. Cutie


      u wanna b friends too???? any friend of the famous rida is a friend of mine

    3. Brandon


      I guess so. We need to share Rida though.

    4. Rida


      i accept your proposal 

  5. Phew... a lot of stress and determination went into this background. I haven't designed in a while so I hope you all like it. Let me know what you think, thanks! Button Code: #053d7a Inner Version 1: Inner Version 2 (Very Subtle Difference) Outer Version 1: Outer Version 2: You can mix/match either one of these together. Credits Flat Inner Temp by Rant (tweaked a bit). Help Logo by Navith (tweaked a bit as well, but used as a base). PREVIEW
  6. I'll definitely be entering. Should post a response soon. Good luck everyone. xx Sophia
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