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  1. I always admire your work.
  2. Cutie

    hey uhm... i just wanted to let u know that i'm ur biggest fan and i was wondering if we could maybe... be friends? let me know... :$

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    2. Cutie


      u wanna b friends too???? any friend of the famous rida is a friend of mine

    3. Brandon


      I guess so. We need to share Rida though.

    4. Rida


      i accept your proposal 

  3. Phew... a lot of stress and determination went into this background. I haven't designed in a while so I hope you all like it. Let me know what you think, thanks! Button Code: #053d7a Inner Version 1: Inner Version 2 (Very Subtle Difference) Outer Version 1: Outer Version 2: You can mix/match either one of these together. Credits Flat Inner Temp by Rant (tweaked a bit). Help Logo by Navith (tweaked a bit as well, but used as a base). PREVIEW
  4. I'll definitely be entering. Should post a response soon. Good luck everyone. xx Sophia
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