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    VIPDjDanny (1519904238)
  2. VIPDjDanny (1519904238)
  3. Danny2024


    VIPDjDanny (1519904238)
  4. Danny2024


    VIPDjDanny (1519904238)
  5. VIPDjDanny (1519904238)
  6. Danny2024


    VIPDjDanny (1519904238)
  7.  Hi  muffins help me please   



    I want to find mail from MIXEPMD123 login  please help me thanks!


  8. VIPDjDanny (1519904238) You are human? you could say I'm a semi-human mutant and a gypsy dragon
  9. Fiona me  not  win xats for contest number

    1. Fiona
    2. Bau


      The time has expired, the contest has been for two weeks. and one week to receive the prize
      it's not my fault to take part in the contest and leave of the contest.
      You come just get the prize, excuse me but the game had a rule!

      Ps: do not worry that I will contest, but be more careful, now we are looking to give you the prize, the date will be one xat.com where you will collect the prize and a much shorter, not 3 weeks included and contest.
      but it will be two or three days to collect the prize, the maximum time. xD

      To make this contest more interesting, we also need to make people lose to see the world as if you're sleeping, you do not win anything, you do not get anywhere. :d:o8-):$

      let's say you do not have time to get the prize. you will also be the alternative, you can offer someone's prize.
      two minutes to receive the prize, if you are not, it will be another person.
      Let it be written from what time until what time everyone can receive the prize. now it was 10:00 and almost nobody came to the prize.
      You'll probably be every week or two times a week.
      And there will be two or three people who can send the prize!
      The prize can be changed, possibly another topic +500xats each game. (OR NOT)

      If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Thank´s

  10. VIPDjDanny (1519904238) lucky number: 40
  11. Hi


    1. Danny2024


      I want to find mail from MIXEPMD123 login  please help me thanks!

      on this mail I reply and mail from MIXEPMD123 login and password

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