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  1. Fori


    Here's a suggestion of my power roses. He may have a rose back. From a small ball to bloom a rose and sparks come out of it. And other things related to the rose. Here are some of my suggestions.
  2. I see that you are trying. Once you realize a lot of one force, then too little of another. It is unlikely to have an effect, on the contrary. Only 10-20 buyers-sellers will be satisfied with the trade, and 1000 consumers will be dissatisfied. The middle must be found, extremes are not a solution. But it will be seen in the future.
  3. this artificial price increase will not lead to anything good for the xat. What are these user games? Super limited, if you hadn't played it at all. It's just my opinion I don't hire anyone. And I sometimes earn from trade, but to buy for 211 and sell for 10k will be a shame, I think I have a little morale left .
  4. Fori

    570 KING

    You can change a lion's hat with a crown, but it's still king.
  5. It would be good to have a crown for girls as well.
  6. I'd say "we're alive and healthy the way problems are white". Your problems create them with our thinking, with the exception of health. So don't get mad too much, that trouble may come and health issues. Smile to life, to smile upon him. Everyone has a different problem, which has a different answer. But when a healthy person and his family and loved ones are healthy and are up to it and with less may be happy. As a side I'd say "we're born with nothing and nothing will be gone, so let's all live our lives peacefully as good people." and let me put up with things that don't depend on us,
  7. In love, Gothmeta This summer Gothmeta was in love and forgot to go home before sunrise. She was on a boat when the sun rose. It was near waterfall, it would fall, it had to act quickly, to save itself from the waterfall and the sun. She soon became a bat and hid in the nearest tree and there she waited for the night.................................................................................
  8. fortunafortuna (1488283203)
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