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  1. I get this error everytime. http://prntscr.com/ixdi1s My clock is set automatically on my device so idk what they want me to set. I can't login. :/ Wanted to open a ticket for lost auth but that doesn't work either.
  2. Had this issue before but it was because I had another ticket open, now it says: "You've reached the maximum open tickets allowed." What caan I do? :< I lost my auth and I can't open a ticket about it, it get frustrated, I have no access to my powers :/ my email: <removed> in case you need it Thank you!
  3. It seems I have another ticket open so I can't open another one. I lost my auth code after I changed my phone. Can xat please remove auth so I can login? I can provide whatever info you need. Thank you!
  4. Inner background. Outer background. Button color: #363985
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