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  1. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Vera! I miss you <3 <3

  2. Bau

    Happy Birthday! (hug) 

  3. Vera

    happy birthday! hope you had an awesome day!

    1. Pia


      Ty ! <33

  4. in the process of transferring my short name to another id. Yes this means my friends list is restarting :p

  5. Vera

    happy birthday!

    1. zed


      thank you vera

  6. just bought this id. thank you
  7. 19, going to be 20 in september!
  8. honestly name wave looks amazing. the color purple seems to get old after a while. that might just be me.
  9. Vera

    Are you Human? Msg

    like i said before, rather strange to test registered users than non-registered or non-human accounts. and i have never seen bot raids with registered accounts.
  10. happy birthday! hope you have a good one (:

    1. LaFleur


      Thanks vera :)

  11. i discovered xat by going to different private servers for Runescape. literally every private server website had a xat chatroom cause of its simplicity and easy user control. ever since then i stayed in the community and loved every moment of my stay!
  12. Vera

    Are you Human? Msg

    it would be rather strange to throw captcha's toward registered users apon login, but not test unregistered users and non-human held accounts. although ironically i think if you own a bot yourself in your chatroom, you can type a command that'll force new users/anyone that joins to finish a captcha or some sort of test.
  13. congrats everyone! hope y'all enjoy your stay!
  14. Vera

    thank you for helping me, you're awesome!

    1. zw


      You're quite welcome, glad I could help (hug2)

  15. i don't think someone would be this lazy and not be able to click the person's name and try to pc them. totally avoids the use of the tickle power by never clicking their name at all and still doing actions to their account, aye? idk. tell me if i am overthinking this, but we also have the !mail command from bots as well.
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