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  1. my chat xat.com/Radioinferno displays this message **System problem try later. (1)** I can not enter the chat settings or chat when I want to chat I'm sending groups
  2. Hello, someone knows what's going on or how to fix the problem Shockwave Flash Has Crashed Error Only on xat.com it's happening to me
  3. Hello someone knows what happens xat.com does not connect me to any chat
  4. Hello someone knows if you can transfer a short name to another id?
  5. xLucian

    hello muffins, I have a last question, how long does a refund last, but it's been 1 month

    1. zw


      I'd be happy to assist you; send me a private message about this, please.

    2. Fair


      muffins you here


    3. zw


      Yes, I'm available; I'll send you a message.

  6. what happens ? how is that possible? 1 month and 27 days without any reply and no resolve for my problem. shame xat.com
  7. shame xat.com besides not responding to the ticket do not respond to the pv, you like it hurt the world money, you do not help us with anything big shame, we're good only when we're making money, when we have a problem that nobody can help us
  8. What's going on for 11 days does not answer anyone at the ticket?
  9. Buy id 8 digit 1000-1500 xats
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