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  1. i have this strong feeling that paul liked the idea. love you man tell mihay to make the smileys now
  2. the world is filled with crazy people, my friend. it's just about time we welcome them on xat
  3. y did u give me a warning bruh i thought we were friends 

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    2. DoodleCake


      i'm getting all these heat from crow. he just closed one of my threads. i know u love me man 

    3. Crow


      I'm not against what-if discussions (e.g. Imagine if you couldn't divorce someone). Just don't post them as suggestions; use the General Discussion subforum.

    4. Bau


      @Lunala You have no friends :( (toj) xD

  4. isn't it ironic that using the website actually prevents me from being productive on my uni works
  5. are you tired of marrying people on xat that doesn't want to love you back? do they kept on divorcing you? then this power is for you! CrazyEx will be a feature like Single but instead of preventing others from marrying you, this power prevents them FROM DIVORCING YOU. No more xats wasted, no more sad breakups. Works only one way. If you initiate the marriage, you can divorce them but THEY CAN'T DIVORCE YOU. sell this as an epic power for 15,000 xats and you can build a happier xat community filled with crazy people i wanted to try this on Bae
  6. we need more people like Blacky on the forums.
  7. why did u follow me that's creepy

    1. zw


      Don't worry, won't be going Big Brother on you..

    2. DoodleCake


      love yah muff muff :$

  8. this power let's u block urself from accessing xat when u have school or work to do. u can set the time, day, and length at which u wont be able to login. price shoule be 5,000 xats and epic. this will sell like hotcakes trust me
  9. here's my entry. im expecting to win. i have children to feed. i would like to thank my supports jayden, karen, joshua riverboy, lunala, rexor, raxar, and help toons. ill upload the HD if i win so that's up to u button color is #ffffff
  10. whoever posts after this likes the smell of their own fart and is proud of it. I WIN.
  11. i like watching people get banned on help. it makes me happy
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