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  1. I have successfully received my prize, thank you.
  2. I disabled flashrank, typing, and enabled reghide and this was the end result: https://streamable.com/qe6as It now miraculously works. .
  3. Still nothing. Here's a video of me doing what you asked specifically: https://streamable.com/e928q
  4. I am not, no. The power is off while I am using the pawn and subhide is the only other power in similarity that is on as of now: (Link: http://prntscr.com/pw6uij)
  5. Hello, I have recently purchased the last of the powers I need to obtain superxmas for this holiday's greetings, and I notice that when I try (hat#h#treefx) and (hat#h#snows) -- they don't work. I'm unsure if this was a deletion error in when the pawns were available last year for users to use and they got deleted in the process as well or if this is some kind of bug with users and using these pawns. Any solutions or advice I can follow to fix the issue that is going on with pawns I am trying to use?
  6. I have successfully recieved my prize from @Crow. Thanks again for the contest, it was nice seeing everyone contribute to something big for once.
  7. alex

    565 FEAR

    Nice power, I think the surprise to throw in something quite "gruesome" such as (lightsoff2) surprised me. I never expected anything too bloody in smilies to be made, but yet -- here we are: Well, I have some ideas to list for what could be added to our already "fearful" power. . How about the good old (smile) smiley that everyone knows. . why don't we make it shift into something like this? Maybe even a maniacal thing on it's own -- forming out of nowhere and laughing at right at you. (no sound effect pls -- dibread was already enough ) Or maybe even take our average xat clown from circus and give him a full makeover into something sinister like Pennywise himself: - - - - - - - > These are just a few ideas of mine, but it'd certainly give everyone a frightful surprise to see their smilies becomes something so dark and so sinister. . But, thanks for the surprise and keep up the good work as always, Cupim. Good luck to everyone too with their ideas ; I'm looking forward to seeing what all you guys have in. . "mind". Haha, I'll show myself out, but really -- good luck, everyone!!
  8. Like the wiki article Solange has linked, we have a similar power to the one you are describing now. I do agree it would be nice to have maybe even a few more smilies that are chore or cleaning related, but in my opinion, I feel like this power suggestion is too similar to chores. I'm not saying this is a bad suggestion, but I think similar powers that are close to each other, like cactus and kactus, or ahair, khair, and hairb have been a common theme in powers as of lately and I believe differentiating from this would help make powers more creative and optimizable.
  9. alex

    graphical dump

    Stupidly late with adding recent work onto here, but it's better to be late than post it never. I made some Halloween related backgrounds for Help and Trade both since it's October and all: Help's Inner: Trade's Inner: (Link to Inner: https://i.imgur.com/awzylah.jpg) (Link to Inner: https://i.imgur.com/IWryZAn.jpg) Help's Outer: Trade's Outer: (Link to Outer: https://i.imgur.com/7Ibnvua.jpg) (Link to Outer: https://i.imgur.com/UJXClR5.jpg) Help's background set was made in Angelo's request since hosting a contest for such seasonal events is a lot of time and effort to host. Trade's background set was made in a contest Bryan was hosting earlier this month that recently just ended. (He's also hosting a Halloween extravaganza at Trade with a couple of peeps the 30th at 11 P.M EST -- you should all come out and kick it out with us. ) I want to thank you all in being so supportive in what I make, bc if I'm being honest -- I feel like it's all trash askdsjfdkls ;; I'll be sure to post more graphics here soon too, but there might just not be a lot in store until next month or so. I know I already said this, but thank you all for the support. I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to my work and when you all compliment it and say it looks good, I just -- I just really appreciate it. Thank you. ❤️❤️
  10. alex

    banner promo error

    Hello, Could you try a few solutions I suggest here to see if the page loads? If one suggestion doesn't work, move on to the next, please. Disable any extensions and antivirus software that are installed with your browser and restart your browser. Try using a different browser from the one you're using now. Eg.) Opera, Mozilla, Safari (Mac Only) Clear all cached data, cookies, and images from your browser and reload the browser. Let me know if any of these solutions work for you in solving your issue with loading the promotion page.
  11. alex

    CuteHairM power

    I like the description and examples you've provided in suggesting this power, but. . we already have 6 hair powers, 3 of which were released this year alone. I think it's safe to say that we need a break from hair and need to focus on power ideas that go outside this spectrum. I do like the idea of giving smilies more human-like features though, but we shouldn't overdo it with them either since it'll take away from what makes the smilies naturally "pop".
  12. Glad to hear that you were able to submit your ticket successfully. Response time can take a couple of days (1 - 3 days), so keep a lookout with the email you used to register your new account with and be patient in the recovery process of your main account.
  13. Click the underlined word "register" and it should take you to the registration page. If not, open a new incognito tab (Shift + Crtl + N) and enter into any chat and type out the word "register" there.
  14. Hello, If you no longer have access to the email tied with your account to reset the password for your account, you can login with an existing account you have access to or you need to register a new account by clicking the word "register". After you have logged into an existing account, you should proceed to the ticket page and click the button in the leftmost column that says "Open New Ticket". From there, select from the drop down list by the words "Help Topic:" and select "Lost Access". Ensure that the subject is five words or more and not too long or you will receive an error in submitting the ticket. In the Message, you should be sure to include the registered name of the account you lost access to along with the ID of the account. If you do not remember your ID, head over to xat.com/FEXBots and use the command !id [regname here] After you have followed these steps, click the button at the bottom of the page that says "Open Ticket" and a notice should appear notifying you that the ticket was successfully created. ** If you have issues in submitting the ticket and it displays no errors what so ever, try opening the ticket on a browser outside the one you are using and follow the same steps there. If you are still having issues submitting the ticket, message a Volunteer on the forum at forum.xat.com/staff and notify them of the existing issue that is going on with creating your ticket. Remember, you must be logged in to submit a ticket under "Lost Access". ** I have provided an example below of what the page should look like when you're ready to submit the ticket:
  15. alex

    loja id

    Hello, As I just told you at Help, you can contact Sydno and click on the "Message" button by the "Follow Member" button on their profile page. You can further explain your situation there concerning the placement of the ban on the account. I have provided a screen capture to where the button is if you're confused to where it is on the profile page:
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