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  1. If anyone is confused to who I am, it's Marshall.

    I just needed a lil' update on my name for forum since I have changed my display name on xat entirely.

    I still go by Marshall tho, so don't worry. (wary)

    1. Guppy


      pics or it didn’t happen

    2. alex
  2. Who else but you, darling? ♥
  3. Ah, a love letter, huh? Well in that case. . . Hello, my darling. Don't you look beautiful? Your luscious hair moves in the wind like a sunflower follows the sun, and your lips are almost delectable as of that of a peach's. The way they move while you talk just makes my heart flutter with joy thinking about how sweet and and savory they are as they softly lay arrest mine. Your eyes are like the lights of this galaxy, bursting with life. Not even the sun could never shine brighter than what gleams in your chocolate filled eyes. And your skin, it's like that of white snow, always clear and luminous. It's almost like you're the center of this universe, and nothing could ever stop you. I think of your personality that of something subliminally sublime. You're like a rose, beautiful and of color, but the way you leave my delicate fingers prickled just makes me loath for what more you have behind those coated petals of yours. You resemble nothing more than life its self in my eyes and just seeing you flustered with delight makes my heart thud like a hammer driving nails into a board. . Darling, there's only two words that describe you, and only you. . You're beautiful ♡
  4. Hello, I'm Marshall (428933352), and I have came to bring to you my entry for the FE contest. I'm really happy with how this turned out and I'm hoping you all like it just as much as I do, so without further ado: I present to you all my elemental masterpiece, made with love and care. Thank you @Shizuo for the contest and I wish any future participants good luck with their entries! Thank you all once again for being apart of this contest and I hope you all good night! - M
  5. alex

    Pawn Mix

    I like this idea and the examples from @Luig gave to represent the power. I even made some myself based on what @Dork described. Here's some examples I made: Rose Gold Purple Gold Blueman Gold Although they may look alike, I made these in Photoshop right from the gold and pink pawn. I just changed hue and lighting to show what Purple and Blueman gold pawns would look like. I do hope this idea does get considered in the future though! I'd like to use the rose gold color for my pawn someday.
  6. People find IDs that are shorter in digit and neater in apparel worth more than those of that are generated when you first register for xat. I will admit that it looks nicer and helps people remember you better rather than them try to remember an ID that's fairly more complicated, but I don't see myself ever getting another ID than the one I have now. Especially when the first two digits of your ID start with "42".
  7. Exactly. I love to see new ideas and smiley combos come forth with each and every new power that comes out. It's such a shame that people don't give these new powers a chance and just sell them right on the spot because they aren't what people thought they'd turn out to be.
  8. Hey everyone, it's Marshall. For the past couple of days on Twitter, I've been seeing a lot of tweets related to the unpopular opinions compared to popular ones. So, I thought why not have a xat related discussion on the same basis and talk about things that aren't talked about enough or hardly get any attention when brought compared to the ones of the popular belief? Example: Valentine's similes should be fixed so that they'll work with clear and gold backs.
  9. Marshall (428933352)
  10. Marshall (428933352)

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