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  1. If anyone is confused to who I am, it's Marshall.

    I just needed a lil' update on my name for forum since I have changed my display name on xat entirely.

    I still go by Marshall tho, so don't worry. (wary)

    1. Guppy


      pics or it didn’t happen

    2. alex
  2. I got me a cute new xatspace thanks to Rice boo!

    Y'all can check it out here. ;)

  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it. :$

  4. Also, happy fathers day to all the dads of xat and the real world.


    Hope you guys have a good one!

    1. 6


      Happy Father's day to @Mark!

  5. How do you add a signature?


    It's been forever since i've been on the forums two years ago, and I just did get back, but how do you add one? 

    1. zed


      to add a signature 


      go to account setting then Signature 



      http://prntscr.com/fl3l60   '1'


      http://prntscr.com/fl3lea '2'


      http://prntscr.com/fl3lgj '3'





    2. alex


      I oddly don't have this?




      Why is that?

    3. zed


      oh u should be adv member 


      to be adv member then 

      50 post ( but dont spam the forum with saying good idea or those things you should follow rules of the forum without spam your comments to get that please )

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