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  1. Hello, Today I would like to discuss with you all the suggestion I hope in proposing to help users and volunteers alike. I am here to propose that we fix the mailing system so users can login successfully with their email provider rather than just using Gmail alone. I have seen plenty of users come into Help and have issues at other chats with logging into their account with it either being an issue in the email not coming through to their inbox by their provider or the email will appear and be accessible, but the email doesn't contain a login link to click to take the user to the login page to login to their account. The user either than has to wait hours for the login email to arrive, and even then so the email will not appear in their inbox what so ever- junk or spam. We then have to direct users to make tickets under "Email change or hint" while being logged into new accounts so we can get them to a provider that will give them the email login and link in which helps them login securely and successfully. To make matters worse, they have to wait at least 1 to 3 days for an initial response from a volunteer to respond so that they can transfer the account's email to a provider like Gmail so the user can successfully trigger a login email to be sent to them so they can finally login. It seems like such the hassle to login when this takes place, doesn't it? This is why I propose that we make it to where all login emails will arrive to the user's provider rather than putting such a hold on them to login to their account to either trade, receive gifts, or even use the powers they bought from xat themselves. It's time to get things in gear for xat now that we are shifting over to a broader platform that will hopefully bring in users for the site. We can't leave things like this at a halt for what users we have left in our userbase. Let's help make xat what it was once before by helping our users one step at a time.
  2. I should really get back in to using this again. . 🤔

  3. Hello, it's Marshall, I'm afraid this will be my final time using xat and the forum addressing things in foreclosure to how I feel about the site. I joined xat back in early 2012 after finding it in late 2011 while searching through Google for Pokémon chatrooms. I was amazed by how I just people who had similar interests as mine by being there and made a habit to explore deeper into the site after the first couple of visits to my first chat "Pokemon_Rainbow". I later found a CP chat by the name of "Cena12121" and found a group of people there who had the same interests as me. I grew up around the basis of them and learned to call this chat my sanctuary, or so I thought. As time passed, things took a turn and caused me to differentiate between two sides of the chat, leading to the one place I called my home a living hell. Everyone changed in an instant, and I felt out of place as I saw it crumble before me. I was forced to move chats to keep a social ground with users on xat, and that's when I became more familiar with official chats. It was then I met "Kondra", my first love and now former ex, who changed me era of way with things I could of never begin to explain. We shared many fond experiences together throughout our 4 years together and we split due to cheating suspicions between the both of later down the road. What things I endured through that relationship changed me as an individual and put me in a mindset of where I felt as if I told anyone anything and I ask to them to reveal to me how they feel about others or if I asked about a certain situation, they'd lie. I really had no one to turn to after our breakup and felt lost in shambles that ultimately it was my fault for causing our break up. Not to mention I was with the same guy who databreached xat back in 2015 with Zhunny. This is where "Help" comes into play. As of late 2017, you probably all saw me more and more frequently as a user who was determined to become a staff member at Help. That ended up failing miserably in retrospect to how much I lashed at the toons and users for their trolling and ignorance. Irriatated by the fact that nothing was changing with my behavior, I quit with the thought of my efforts being wasteful and therefore just "cringe" for others to look at. My time away from the site wasn't long though. I came back after occasional visits with Vanessa encouraging me to come back since she lone to say how xat felt empty and boring without me there, and with another chance at becoming staff at Help. And finally, it happened. As of late Ocotober into November, Bella gave me staff at Help and I became like an honorary staff member in the hands of many, helping all users of all languages solve their issues. But, little did I know things changed for what little time I was there. I noticed a lot of change between October and now what is March, many of the users I once knew and could talk to. . just change their social habits and opinion towards xat while I was there, and I felt the negative influence along with the feeling of being used and lied to. And many of you saw the downfall of my membership to Help as time went forward in a direction I couldn't rewind. I just don't understand what or why caused the disappearance of my many good friends on xat, and even the drastic changes in personality just to fit in with others to avoid conflict. And, I've been noticing it ever since the end of 2015 after the data breach to the site, scaring many of my friends to stop using the site altogether. I believe xat has fallen into a day and age where even if HTML5 is finished to help bring in users like xat use to in 2012, it won't change the fact that the toxicity of users and how far they'll go to just make you feel like an idiot or scared just for their own entertainment. I believe HTML5 was developed a little too late and should of been in development before the issues in 2015 to up security and give xat a boost in its userbase to help bring a better change to xat rather than letting it fall deep. I also believe power production is rushed in order to keep users entertained with what xat has left to offer so it can keep what users it has. I just now a days feel so lost in this new realm of xat. I no longer feel comfortable with who I interact with I feel as if no one could hardly care less with what I do on xat. It's all too draining and it's time for me to move on from something I've tried to find hope for off and on for the 7 years I've been on the site. I want to take this time to thank @miaa, @Spawn, @6, @Bryan, and @Leandro for the emotional support and comforting me in times where I've felt down and confused. It really has made a difference with you all. It's time to go, Au revoir.
  4. alex

    complain about ban

    In this instance after the multiple explanations from forum contributors, members and users from the Help chatroom, it would be best to move on and let that chat be. You have already talked to him about the ban and he has made his choice clear to support his staff's ban against you for what you said.
  5. If anyone is confused to who I am, it's Marshall.

    I just needed a lil' update on my name for forum since I have changed my display name on xat entirely.

    I still go by Marshall tho, so don't worry. (wary)

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