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Hello there!


Welcome to my profile, there's not much here to offer, but i am a graphic designer for xat,

you may also note that I don't use proper capitalization eiether. (I get that a lot.) xat isn't the

only thing i do though. I also play osu and lots of pokemon, so if you ever see me in a chat room,

be aware that i'll be all over pokemon. (Yeah, i know i'm pokemon trash. :p)


Just in case you want to see my osu profile you can click here. I am also open to do graphics,

but they're not FREE. If you want to commission me for graphics, you can find me at Help,

and sometimes Chat. Anything is acceptable, but please do not blow up my messages asking for

graphics, it's tiring and the fastest way to get blocked.


Well, thanks for checking this small space out, it lets me explain things better without writing

a full blown paragraph to you on xat. If you need anything else, message me on xat by doing

"/f428933352" in the main chat. I'm always around, so i'd be glad to answer your questions.


As always, have a nice day / night! ;)



- Marshall.