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  1. Marshall

    Change pawn from main owner

    The suggestion is nice, but this is too similar to purple just like @Angelo said, but it wouldnt be a bad idea to probably make the pawn darker, lighter to show difference. It's just not fair for everyone who has bought purple, same goes to blueman, pink, gold, and ruby if the pawn you suggested were those colors. Maybe adding a mark or symbol would help let a user know a user the difference.
  2. Marshall

    Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    I also agree with this. xat hardly to little advertises the site and I think it'd be wise if we actually did promote on some websites to draw users in. Its good to have HTML5 up so new users don't have to load flash, but I feel it's almost the exact same as the mobile xat app and yes, I know that it's still in the works, but we should focus more into the site then the mobile to draw users in since most of xat uses a laptop or desktop. I'd love it of xat was back to its usual size if we advertise the site more. It'd be almost nostalgic to me.
  3. Marshall

    Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    As what Lemona and Angelo said, I feel like volunteers are being less and less respected for helping users with their wait time in their tickets, mainly Account Block. I feel like we've lost a handful of volunteers that have resigned or left due to boredom, what was stated above by Angelo and Lemona. It made me sad to see that most of frinds were gone with the he wind after being off xat more than a year or two, because they're what made up my time and who I am today. I left xat due to being bored and my friends quitting in the past. It just wasn't the same and even after I come back, it seems like almost everyone I know is gone with the wind, never to be seen again. Even with HTML5, i feel like xat is still being repetive with some things and I almost feel no change of refresh to be back and thriving on xat. I just wish things they were before.
  4. Marshall

    Need to Change My Email

    Hello there! What you need to do is make a ticket under the category "Email change or email hint" requesting this change in your e-mail. You can check times to see if the ticket category delayed or normal. Since your ticket is the "normal" category, a reply could take up to 3 to 5 days to get a response. If you have any errors pop up saying you need to be a registered user or any other errors, try clearing your cache and try again. If this problem proceeds, you can always message a volunteer on the forums or by adding them in any chat by doing "/f(id here)" to get further assistance in creating your ticket.
  5. Marshall


    xMarshallz (428933352)
  6. Hello everyone, It's Marshall, and I've been bored quite recently so I thought I would ask, as the tiltle clearly states, what will you be doing for Christmas? Me personally, I would probably be in my room playing some new games on the Switch or something, maybe asleep under my heat vent? (Yeah, I like to sleep on my heat vent because its so toasty warm.) Anyhow, I'd like to know what the xat community will be doing for this year's Christmas, maybe even hear some past stories of things that happened in the past. I'm always down to hear stories, so let me know what you'll be doing this year.
  7. Marshall

    467 YOGA

    I'm really not use to seeing the yellow smilies of today or powers having limbs, but, I could get use to such a thing over time. I wonder how this power will work with the jump power in the function of display?
  8. Happy birthday Marshall :$ 

    1. Marshall


      Thanks Stif. :) 

  9. happy birthday, marshall <3

    1. Marshall


      Thank you, memelipe. <3

  10. Happy Birthday  .. !

  11. Happy Birthday Marshall!

    1. Marshall


      Thanks Charlie!

  12. Marshall

    Powers should take longer than a week to make.

    You're both right, yes, i guess smile powers could be the same, i just, feel like i find appeal in most new powers other than the pawns these days, you know? That's just by bias though, but i agree with you both saying that function powers could use longer time.
  13. Hey, it's Marshall again, So, in my last suggestion, it seemed like it was a bit over suggestive and repetitive and yeah, i see that now, people want powers that are new, unique, and appealing to buy, but, in a post i addressed in the general discussion of forum, I asked if we were running low on power suggestions, and the answer was no. And as many you pointed out, we should extend a limit for new powers to take longer then a week to be developed, and i totally agree, but here's what i think about the new powers: I feel like, powers can be appealing at times, but i also feel like they are rushed at times for each week to just produce power production for revenue, or whatever you want to say powers do for xat. We need to make the power productivity to lower and take longer so the power has more time to focus on design, function, and even pawns. I'm not saying the new powers are bad in design or function, i'm saying they could be improved upon. Let's take splashfx for example, nice power, nice pawns, and some fluid animation, but, i feel like the animation could of been more fluid if we had longer than a week to make the power. It resembles waves almost and I like it, and i still have the power, i just wish it had more fluid animation in some effects of the power. I feel like we're rushing powers and we really just need longer for the development of a new power. It should go something like this, powers take 2 weeks to make, and testing should take 2 to 3 days to correct anything that is off or aspects in design need to be changed. Should we extend the week powers are usually made on to be longer so we can have better design and function aspects, or should we keep it the same?

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