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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I'd love to see this get taken into action sometimes soon. Here's hoping!
  2. Hello all! Today, i would like to suggest another power for the possible new powers coming up in the future, FlameFX! I think FlameFX would be a nice idea because it could like the moves from Pokemon like Fire Pledge, Fire Spin, Overheat, you know those moves. I like the idea of Will-o-wisp possibly make a smiley in FlameFX, but that's just me. Fire Pledge in action: Fire Spin in action: Will-O-Wisp in action: It doesn't have to be like these, but something similar, y'know? I'd love to see this power take action. Angry is really the only other power besides Retro that has flames, but i may be wrong. So, what do you think about the idea? Do you think it's good, or bad? Let me know. As always, thank you for your time. Have a good day / night!
  3. You can play, webcam, doodle, chess, 4 in a row, and pool with other users. You can play, spacewar, snakerace, matchrace, doodlerace, hearts, zwhack, switch, and darts with everyone.
  4. Hello everyone! Today, i thought i would share my designs with you guys other than the ones i've posted to the forum, so, let's get start! First, we have pcbacks: Next, we have chat inners: I have other works such as small animated icons, and osu stuff on my imgur account,, (and some ugly inners.) if you wanna check them out. I personally like my work for osu better than i do my outers, because they go all off center, but, feel free to explore everything in my albums. Thank you all for your time reading and looking through my work. If you have any questions, or possibly wanna get something yourself, please let me know by contacting by adding me, (/ f428933352, no space or comma.) or message me on forums! Have a good day / night!
  5. The person who is buying the 550 days from the other use will not be able to because it will display the error, "OK" for the user buying, and the other user will receive the error message, "Not enough subscriber time!". You get this error because you do not have enough days to cover the trade you are trying to complete. Given example this question, you're buying 550 days but the other user only has 50 and not 550. This will result in them getting this error. You can get more days or possibly xats in the situation to buy more days by going to the buy page or by clicking on the "Get xats" button located on the smiley bar of a chatroom.
  6. You people are cleaver as ever. I will give this forum game one more day before i pick a winner.
  7. I swear, this is my final answer. +Promote, +Coin. Complete.
  8. Question 1: wiki, facebook, twitter, search, ticket, spacewar, matchban, doodlerace, snakerace, switch, hearts, darts, zwhack, live, stick, chess, shoot, pool, 4 in a row, xavi, games, music, powers, trade, doodle, smilies, coins, buy, xats, gifts, subscriber, register, login. Question 2: Constructor.
  9. Was it because it was trying to lead to xat world but instead itended up heading over to, or perhaps xat was undergoing updates and the updates would be there?
  10. wiki, ticket, facebook, twitter, search, powers, trade, doodle, smilies, coins, buy, xats, xavi, gifts, subscriber, register, login. Bonus: constructor
  11. Anthropomorphic
  12. Hello all! Today, I have a question for everyone. I've been debating on what power is better, Purple or Namewave. Though Purple provides a cool pawn, and now smilies, is it really worth the buy? I mean it is a nice display of a chat, but what else does it do? No one hardly uses the smilies. Now, Namewave has a huge advantage overy purple, providing a switch of colors throughout your name. I just can't decide which one of these powers are better. But if I has to decide, I'd say Purple, but, what do you think? Purple or Namewave?
  13. Chicken plus Macaroni and Cheese. 👌