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  1. Win 10 Days Every 48 Hours !(Be Happy)

    xMarshallz (428933352) Lucky Number: 22 The screenshot to this can be found here.
  2. /message PC/PM

    My bad, i didn't see that part what so ever. Anyhow, i don't see why the power would have to work with friends alone though.. I mean, yes, the whole pc / pm thing get through to a friend thing, yeah yeah, but like, i think it'd be better as a function if you didn't have to add everyone you need to pm / pc to your friends list if they nopc / nopm.
  3. /message PC/PM

    How would this work with nopc or nopm though? Would the message go through regardless, or will it be blocker due to the power(s)? Also, I like the idea. It makes sending messages to all the people you know, easier without clicking each user indivually and sending the same message, over and over again. Here's hoping it becomes a power!
  4. WIN FIREFX (2)

    xMarshallz (428933352)
  5. Contest #02: Win the LOVEFX power!

    xMarshallz (428933352)
  6. 23.) The Ten power. xMarshallz (428933352)
  7. pcback contest!

    Due to limited time and constant things popping up, i have withdrawn 1K of the prize that was un-received from winners @Shake and @seertheepic2345. Sorry you guys, but i can't keep @Paul to hold on to the prizes like that. Instead, these xats will be used for future contest or personal use. Thank you to all who have picked up their prizes. As always, have a nice day / night! (This forum may now be closed. @muffins)
  8. win 100 xats Everyday

    xMarshallz (428933352) Lucky number: 33 ------------------------------- This number was already taken by @Guppy. Please, choose another number.
  9. pcback contest!

    Alright, winners are now being announced! Congrats to @Ethan for winning first place on his entry! Congrats to @Youkai for winning second place on her entry! Congrats to @Shake for winning third place on his entry! And finally, congrats to @seertheepic2345 for winning fourth place on his entry! Sorry for deleting last post, but that was really cluttered. Anyhow, please do not feel upset or discouraged by me and my friends pickings. ( @oj was suppose to help, but he's been busy, so I judged with my friends instead. ) Please, winners, pick up your prize from @Paul at xat.com/xat_test, or message him by FEXBots to tell him you won, if you can. The prizes will be held for 72 hours or they will be transferred to other contests that happening or to be done in the future. Thank you all for your entries, and i plan on doing another contest soon. Until then, have a good day / night!
  10. pcback contest!

    Hey all! I'm so sorry for being so late, but life has been around and i forgot to look at the time. Anyhow, the contest is officially over and no more entries will be accepted at this point. Judging has also been started. The results will be posted soon. Please stay tuned!
  11. pcback contest!

    This is a reminder that the conest will end in 2 days. Please, if you have any more entries, submit them before the contest ends. Thank you.
  12. lucky numbers: win the lottery

    Link: http://i.cubeupload.com/Txuh3x.png xMarshallz (428933352)
  13. Is the contest officially over? I saw the announcement from last week, and I heard it was gonna close around yesterday. Is it really over?
  14. hey marshall  :d

    1. Marshall


      Hello Felipe. :)

  15. The crescent moon pawn.

    Hello people of xat forums, Today, i was sad to see the pawn on the crescent moon pawn finally go away from the kloud power. It was very nicely displayed and i think a lot of people would use it since sailor moon was a big hit and it was like a Dreamworks pawn to be honest. So, could we make it limited, or is that a task? Let me know what you guys think.