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  1. Kaay

    Kaay    Anas

    Happy birthday bro, i hope you have an amazing one,  enjoy your day.

     colorful happy birthday GIF by Nora Simon

  2. oka

    oka    Anas

    Happy birthday have a nice day! bro (hug)

  3. Happy birthday Anas (blowkiss)

  4.  @Anas happy birthday baby. I love you. 😘

  5. Happy  Birthday @Anas bro(hug)

    Anas  bro   Happy  birthday.png

  6. DUYGU

    DUYGU    Anas

    Happy birthday Anas  (hug) 

  7. Magic

    Magic    Anas

    Happy Birthday Anas!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joyeux Anniversaire bro (hug)

  9. Happy birthday  @Anas

  10. Maxo

    Maxo    Anas

    Happy birthday @Anas bro

  11. Gui

    Gui    Anas

    Happy birthday dude!

  12. Screenshot_2020-01-14-01-34-29-145_lockscreen.thumb.jpg.29d24112175a6977ddd701fae64414da.jpg

    We should have CCCP flag.

  13. for now i'm in vacation, leave a message japanese here!

  14. I like it, was changed UnPaid USER ! (a)


  15. Screenshot_2020-01-03-12-42-35-902_com.android.chrome.thumb.jpg.e01e6a49e4db3a05010561c8364db16d.jpg

    1. Anas


      Feel free to pc me PAULO about the language. (victory)


      I would test with you lol.

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  16. xat.com/auction

    1. Anas


      And a topic in general discussion about it may be useful! 


      Thank you. 

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  17. xat.com/auction

    1. Anas


      Okay then i will let others know about it lol! 

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  18. xat.com/auction

    1. Anas


      Is this auction for real or just test?

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