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    564 - Nin

    Wich its mean the power will work for the HTML5 chat only.
  2. Por favor, seja paciente à espera de uma resposta em sua caixa de correio. De nada!!
  3. Olá, Nesse caso, você precisará solicitar a abertura de um ticket no tópico de ajuda 'Locked out' a partir daqui : https://forum.xat.com/requests/open-a-ticket/?do=form Preencha as informações necessárias e clique em (Save) Exemplo pode ajudá-lo: Boa sorte!
  4. Since Sydno is the prize holder, then you can contact him about your donation. Good luck guys!!
  5. Hello, The embed is selected by default to the HTML5 version. You have only to change the size and please DON'T select the feature 'Use FLASH (not recommended)' then copy the code below the chat. Example : I hope that was helpful.
  6. Congratulation man! (hug) 

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