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  1. Such a great power, so colorful. I like it! And as mentioned above, the pawn (hat#he) only have grey color and not 4 colors as shown on this animation. I thought at first is only cuz i have sanimate=off that's why i see one color, but i have actived the chat animation and i'm sure only grey color that move on the users pawn. A bug? Hope will be fixed asap! But still cool power, well done!
  2. Anas

    Army or Marines

    Really great smiles, good job bro. The one with grenade looks more better than i was imagining, so cool!
  3. HBD!


    1. Maverick


      Thank you!

    2. Lemona


      What a nice cake :$ 

  4. You can open a ticket from here : https://util.xat.com/support/open.php Select help topic 'report scam' You can include the two IDs in one ticket since you sure is the same phisher with screen you did post above. Good luck!
  5. Hello, This is a phisher, don't trust them. I can confirm this account already banned forever at xattrade and reported via ticket hours ago.
  6. AnasWin (122163304) Nice one!
  7. Anas

    Friend list update

    Hello, Yes, this issue always happen and really annoying. (Status, nickname and avatar ..) doesn't update properly even after long time. That's seems good idea, a request that will be send here on forum, beside tickets and wiki edit requests? Or maybe add new checkbox for update the data and new user informations? Let me know your opinion about it!
  8. Anas

    The limit of days

    And i was wonder why you buying days this week. Seems fine idea, beside of giveaway some days and help other people. Users need days for them bot chat room and if you really rich as Bau, that will be useful.
  9. Yes, you can send and receive mails from users even tho they are not registered. Is enough to know the user's ID number.
  10. Training, swimming and drawing on sand.
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