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  1. Thanks! AnasWin (122163304)
  2. According to the Guidelines, the winner need to be given at least 48 hours to claim the prize.
  3. I don't trust that bot. AnasWin (122163304)
  4. Anas


    The power is Limited as i know. The price of the power is going expensive due the quantity that released and cuz it's Christmas. That's is normal to me since the power required in new collection Supersanta.
  5. Thanks for this auction, was so exciting and cool. Many thanks @Admin, and especially for you sexypen @Addict for bringing the idea!!
  6. Hello, The WINNERS are : mino (388275558) @Mino1 ☑ Received Vevrok (10000123) @Vevrok ☑ Received xMehdi (10881088) @Mehdihttps://prnt.sc/q41w22 ☑ Received fortunafortuna (1488283203) @Fori ☑ Received zYacuzaVip (1492724736) @Cristhoperhttps://prnt.sc/q42qea ☑ Received P: https://i.imgur.com/wMVNR59.mp4 Congratulation!! Contact me asap to receive your prize at Xattrade . Thanks to all participants, to other occasion soon.
  7. Very nice drawing, i like the miss valentine with umbrella more. Well done, keep it up!
  8. HBD mano! (hug) 

    1. xLaming


      thanks bro (hug) 

  9. Okay let's see! Ruby. Namewave. Purple. Gback. Redcard. The powers mentioned above are Unlimited, but is very rare and still expensive. Especially Ruby, Gback and Redcard. I guess users want the power to be on auction normally just as the Limited powers would be. But the bid should have some limits, Example : Ruby power minimum bid price is 50 000 xats - maximum 90 000 xats. (or store price wish is 100 000 xats) That was just an idea, but let's see how Admin want things go!
  10. Anas


    Hola, Para tener Tickle, deberás pasar la prueba (Quiz). Lo encontrará en la página de inicio de sesión con la configuración. ¡Buena suerte!
  11. Please!! List only LIMITED powers. Purple can't be on auction since it's Unlimited power. Thank you!
  12. Gold. Big. Summerhug. Blastde. Boot. Angel. Clear. Angry.
  13. Hello, Here we go again, in this Blackfriday i have decided to give away some powers for 5 lucky users on forum. Prizes : Pcback. Flashrank. Nameglow. Light. Blue. Rules : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 5 WINNERS will be chosen Friday, 29th November at 10:00 PM (GMT+1) Using this Generator. The winner should contact me for the prize on Xattrade. Time to receive prize is open, you can contact me anytime. Any reply causing drama or not following the rules will immediately reported. Countdown. Good luck guys!
  14. This could be more useful and more easy when using phone.
  15. Anas

    571 KRIS

    Mike well made it? Btw, the power is LIMITED!
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