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    Swf Chat Box

    Hello Calvin, I would like to make a suggestion and i hope can help you in this, i'm using Chrome so please follow those steps: Download the latest version of adobe flash player '' Install the adobe flash player 'make sure all navigators are closed' Restart your computer Restart your router Normally it should work now, because sometimes there lag in server that's why i asked you to restart your router. Thank you!
  2. Anas

    509 MONEY

    Rich power, very well job nice pawn btw (hat#hm
  3. Selling (1030507) For offer, you can find me in Xattrade and Loja, Add me /f122163304 Thank you.
  4. I Can Break Those Chains Easy And Fly With You To A Far Place. Win! @Angeline ♥ :$

  5. Hinata Salang! (cute) :$

    1. Angeline


      shh don't mention my second name LOL :$

    2. Anas


      oops sorry Salang :$

    3. Angeline
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