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  1. HBD! (hug) 

  2. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because is something we can't avoid. Why you don't drink coffee at morning?
  3. Anas


    1. Bbb


      Thank you.

  4. Anas


  5. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because he looks like me Why you don't like to wake up early?
  6. COOL!! Really nice job bro, i also like the mad clock haha xd! very well done
  7. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because i'm so excited to be with you there babe! Why do you love me @Angeline?
  8. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because everything is possible in this life. Why do you like snow?
  9. I have banned @Angelo 0.30 hour for having a nice avatar.
  10. Anas


  11. I have banned @Shizuo 22 hours for winning two contests in same time
  12. AnasWin (122163304)
  13. If so! I'm waiting for this to happen ASAP
  14. Don't forget that BOT (of all kinds providers) can find you online after someone using '!online regname' so if what suggested above could be exist on future, it's should remove from bot the feature to see users status if online or available.. or i'm wrong?
  15. Thanks for your effort pen I hope there will be nice IDs accessible to everyone.
  16. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because we need to survive. Why you afraid to swim?
  17. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because i can do whatever i want. Why you don't play soccer?
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