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  1. That's unfair Congratulation to the winners!!
  2. Such a great power, so colorful. I like it! And as mentioned above, the pawn (hat#he) only have grey color and not 4 colors as shown on this animation. I thought at first is only cuz i have sanimate=off that's why i see one color, but i have actived the chat animation and i'm sure only grey color that move on the users pawn. A bug? Hope will be fixed asap! But still cool power, well done!
  3. Anas

    Army or Marines

    Really great smiles, good job bro. The one with grenade looks more better than i was imagining, so cool!
  4. HBD!


    1. Maverick


      Thank you!

    2. Lemona


      What a nice cake :$ 

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