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  1. Good luck guys! Courage Courage I'm so bad with Doodlecare, so is better just watch from far seat. I'm sure there will be much fun, enjoy!
  2. Anas


    Sounds a good idea, also the smiles looks fine.
  3. Congratulations to the winners. Happy birthday Danny!
  4. HBD @DjDanny24 and @Geordie !!
  5. HBD!!! (hug) 

  6. That's right, chat works now normal. Just need to write xat.com/frtka NOT Frtka
  7. Anas

    Account Problem

    After discussing the issue in pc, was there lag in servers. Clear cookies and restarting the router was enough to fix the problem. I cofirm that the issues solved and she can login and enter the chat succefully.
  8. HBD in advance! AnasWin (122163304)
  9. HBD!! 


    1. Sergio


      Thank you so muuch! 

  10. Anas


    Hello, I think this has been suggested already, you can read the following topic and add new ideas about it. Correct me if i'm mistaken.
  11. Interesting, i will try be there. Thanks @Shizuo !
  12. Glad to know. Be patient waiting for a reply on your mailbox, keep answering the questions by volunteers correctly till the issue be fixed and your account unblock. Good luck!
  13. Hello, As i told you on chat, since you're not able to open a ticket under help topic 'account block' you will need to ask a volunteer to open one for you. Example : Good luck!
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