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  1. The following users, please contact me ASAP to receive your prize.


    @SethTI @Guidof @Fannyx @Ariannne @Dani-De-Virreyes @Christina 


    Thank you!

  2. Anas


    Hello!! The 10 WINNERS are : 1: Seth (239476217) Piggy. 2: zHappiness (601760611) Bump. 3: iPastelito (1523241055) Sea. 4: purple01 (319885511) Events. 5: DaniDeVirreyes (359191878) Reverse. 6: iGuinho (347693796) Noel. 7: Guid0FSociety (1533800071) Single. 8: Fanny (302847689) Topspin. 9: i1Category (152555933) Mint. 10: Christina (10000143) Typing. P : https://imgur.com/a/gWf6PQ5 Congratulation! contact me at xattrade to receive your prize. Thanks for everyone who participated!
  3. Anas

    John and Christina's Holiday giveaway

    AnasWin (122163304)
  4. O ID é depois do regname : Se você não consegue acessar sua conta, vá a qualquer bot e use !id regname < aquele que você está usando exemplo: !id AnasWin
  5. Oi, Se você não puder criar um ticket, precisará solicitar que um seja aberto. daqui : https://forum.xat.com/requests/open-a-ticket/?do=form&d=5 Selecione 'Lost Authentication' como tipo de solicitação e preencha as informações necessárias da maneira correta, depois que você criar esta solicitação, um voluntário abrirá um ticket para você. Exemplo pode ajudá-lo: Boa sorte!
  6. Anas


    Come on guys, we need some smiles :/ Until now SUPERANIME is the best collection with all the cute smiles
  7. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because is best where you can be in a free time. (better than FB..) Why you drink soda more than water? xd
  8. Anas


    Good idea and nice pawns, especially (hat#h#snows)
  9. Anas


    Heyoo! I'm back again to give more chances to other users to win some power, HERE WE GO!! 10 powers in prize for 10 lucky users. Piggy Bump Sea Events Reverse Noel Single Topspin Mint Typing As always here some Rules to follow : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 10 WINNERS will be chosen Monday, 10th December at 01:00 PM (GMT+1) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. Good Luck everyone!!

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