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  1. He like all this smiles and we should respect that! I also like (awe#hehe) and Firefx.
  2. Anas

    Thank You For The Background Bro (hug) 

  3. Hello there, I would like to know the powers or smiles that you find cute until today. Feel free to reply saying the powers (smiles) that you like more. Even though you see someone else mentioned it before you, don't go back and let us know which one you like and see more cute. For me it's Ribunny, Ghostmon, Minimon, Awe, and Hug2. What about you?
  4. Anas

    Word Association

  5. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because is a good place to change life routine. Why you eat pizza a lot?
  6. The WINNER is @Geordie Geordie (1000061) https://imgur.com/a/o4m06JA Congratulations!! You have won HEARTBREAK power, contact me asap in Xattrade to receive your prize! Thanks for everyone who participated in my contests. I would like to back with something new next week on Sunday 25th.
  7. Anas

    Why? / Because!

    Because it's healthy. Why you don't read books?
  8. Anas

    User app and game suggestions

    I already have been suggest this to @Maverick but he didn't said anything yet.
  9. Anas

    521 PIGGY

    You can report that in 'Bug Tracker' from here
  10. Anas

    Power Cupid :D

    Looks cute, good job!

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