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  1. Thank you! I will check them out.
  2. I will make sure to practise that! Thank you! Thank you very much! <3
  3. Thank you! Thanks! I gave my best.
  4. System problem (40): Trade is currently undergoing maintenance. Try to trade again later.
  5. // samples // will add more as i make them i accept commissions, trades, etc.
  6. xat ~A Love Story~ It’s a breezy summer afternoon. I hear the rustling from the leaves outside as I type on the keyboard of my 13-inch MacBook Pro®. I press the “x” button and the name comes up. “xat.com.” I laugh in my mind. “I better learn how to spell it.” Suddenly, I get distracted by the website loading on the screen of my 13-inch MacBook Pro®. As the chatbox starts to show up, I give a little shiver when the wind flicks at my bare arms. The Flirt chat. I’m sitting in front of my computer, silently studying hundreds of people sending myriads of messages. I’ve joined the community a few months ago, but I have never had the courage to message someone. Everyone seemed like they were looking down on me with their colourful nicknames and shining pawns. That must change. I want to find a love. Suddenly, another chat tab opens up. The padlock is flashing with a vivid, yet a rotten shade of green. I click on it. I got a message. From a real person. “HoneyBump.” I read his name out loud. “Sounds mysterious.” I rub my eyes, wondering what kind of a joke this is. “wyd ” His message says. I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been in a situation like this. But I can’t lose my chance. He’s the chosen one. He’s been assigned to me by the Gods of Love®. You cannot escape from your fate. I have decided. I will not be silent this time. My whole body is shivering and my heart is racing. A single tear rolls down my cheek. “Finally.” I say with a broken voice. I can already feel the warmness in my heart as I google “wedding dress.” My fingers are almost shaking as I carefully type in the phrase I’ve been thinking about my whole life. The screen of my computer seems a bit more dull than usual, almost as if I was doing something I shouldn’t. I can’t give up now. This is my only chance. I begin typing cautiously. I cannot make a mistake. I hit the buttons on my keyboard one by one. Before I realise, my fingers jump from one key to another in sanic speed. When I am done, I hit the return key, just as I have learned in tech school. “Please.” I whisper to myself. 5 seconds. 10 seconds. Finally, 30 seconds. 30000000000 nanoseconds of waiting for a reply. “What did I do wrong?” I wonder as I start analysing my message letter by letter. “note much , you /?” I stare at the message. Finally, my eyes reach the pawn of my secret admirer. It has already grown red. It is too late. I have failed once again. I smash my head onto the table as I let out a weak scream. “Bakaaaaaaa~~~~!!!” (This is supposed to be funny, I am sorry.)
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