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  1. Congratulations Sole, you deserve it. My best wishes to you in this new challenge. It is an honor to meet you, to know that you are an excellent person and to know the great effort you have made to earn everything. @Solange
  2. Inner http://i.imgur.com/kMQBiYX.png Outer http://i.imgur.com/HNZ2I6D.png Banner http://i.imgur.com/XWpEm9o.png Button color #000000 Deymiansss (736320856)
  3. Price received . Thanks @Masha
  4. Deymiansss (736320856)
  5. I really like the idea bro, especially the smiley of the rose, shh, and the asleep. Could use that crown as a pawn, I really like it
  6. A ticket should be created under the "Account Block" department to solve this problem. Deymiansss (1501193968)
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