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  1. I originally made this post here, because I couldn't find the bugs page. I don't want to retype all of it because I'm tired .-. Also if that Imgur link in the screenshots box didn't work: https://imgur.com/a/mjhJO
  2. Remember that number glitch that's been going around for years? I don't know if anyone ever noticed this, (I can't even figure out how to search posts on this forum, and I used tapatalk api and xBulletin forums for years) but I found this out with a bit of testing. Click me cuz I can't find the add image button Through a good half hour of testing, sometimes for users without a xat account, typing 0 will default to a seemingly random string of numbers. Here's all the images in no particular order If someone has figured this out already, can we please fix this? If no one has figured this out already, can we please fix this? Thanks ~Bliz
  3. Hi all. I'm on Chromebook, and since they removed about:plugins, I don't know how to fix my issues. I can't click on anything, including the chat box, and in order to type I have to click an emoji and then delete it. I've reset my computer, reset the license files both in my history and my Flash Content Settings. I can't contact the help chat because all the extra crap each user has crashes Xat. It also requires after reloading that every other tab be authenticated to run the Flash plugin. Does anyone know what to do? >_>
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