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    Are you Human?

    I had made one Xat chat before, but afterwards it stopped working And How can I find the Chat's name? No I do not use any VPN or proxy, and I just have speedtest extension on my browser
  2. HawkEye

    Are you Human?

    Yes I have Cleared cache and tried another browser(Internet Explorer) No the box from the image doesn't come at all This image comes: Image
  3. HawkEye

    Are you Human?

    So I am a member of a game server forum, and there's a chat of Xat there I did not need it much until lately, when as an admin, I was required to have a Xat account But when I tried to make one, I saw that there's a popup box named "Are you human?" I did all the things needed and it told me to close the window and try to sign in I try, it tells me to Prove I'm a human again, It's a never ending cycle I saw some posts, but those solutions didn't work for me (clearing cookies,restarting Router,etc.)