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  1. Agree, we could need that one. L O L
  2. The image on kxgift on wiki doesn't show. Someone fix it? Also, good job on the power.
  3. TheGuy


    Exorcisten (1512080774)
  4. TheGuy

    Yum or Yuck ???

    Yuck yuck yuck! strawberries?
  5. TheGuy

    Yes or No

    No, do you like yourself for the one who you are
  6. My current age is 18, turning 19 in september.
  7. So like, is this all true? Am I really the last one to comment on this? I definitely hope so that it's me.
  8. *kicks you out of the leading*
  9. It worked now when you select the one at the bottom "Never check for updates" and not the one at the top, if you choose the "automatically" one, it will change to 26 again as you said so yeah, it works now, thanks.
  10. Mike's "solution" didn't work for me. I've followed and did exactly everything as he said on "Windows (Chrome/Opera Fix):", but that didn't fix it or work at all. Maybe it worked for other, but it didn't for me, sad. I've tried opera, edge and firefox now also but none of them browsers didn't work either (same problem). We can say this, it's 'kinda 'the same problem' on those browsers also as it's on chrome currently. Lame... that's more irritating having an smiley behind your text all the time when you're typing something and in your sentences, but it at least allows you to type something so that's good. hi yes what I've tried yours to, but that didn't work either. Let's just all hope that this will be fixed and over soon, this is kinda driving people crazy and nuts when it doesn't work for them.
  11. It actually fixed the problem, by uninstall chrome and then reinstall it again. Everything works like it sould now, thanks. P:S: For anyone else who occurs this kind of problem as I had and want it fixed (if you're on chrome and have the same problem), i'd suggest you do the same by reinstalling chrome again, it actually fixed the problem.
  12. This happened for me for about an hour ago or something (don't remember.) By entering a smiley doesn't solve the problem, you still can't type anything and nor can you remove the smiley either. I've also been clearing cookies/cache and all that but that didn't fix it at all. So yeah, I'll have to stick to edge or opera for now until it's all fixed, but thanks anyways.
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