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    ID auction ?

    IDS 2220222 50000005 101010101 1000000001 Thanks for the Auction @Admin and happy new year 2018. God bless you!
  2. Bbb


    I agree with @Stif Also not only we are 3 users that we are suggesting an auction. Here in the forum we are @Stif, @MisteR, @lcky, @UINATDUSMANIMA, @Like, @Samuel, Me and also other people who do not have an account in the forum but who are part and users of the xat, are they asking me, when will the next auction be? and I say idk. But this we have only suggested an auction and if there is a possibility of doing it, it will be good.
  3. When some people and I believed that the community reputation had been eliminated, the volunteer Brandon said the Community Reputation hides and that after appears again and is now back for the community. I decided to hide the previous topic of "Community Reputation Removed" because it was an error. Sorry guys. Now we can continue to enjoy the reputation as before. Thank you @Brandonfor explaining and clarifying this information.
  4. Bbb


    Ty bro, Happy new year to you too and everyone! I hope that every day.
  5. Bbb


    I agree with MisteR.
  6. Bbb


    Good idea Mstr, 8 or 10 would be very cool.
  7. Bbb


    Without this my end of the year will be sad. I'm sorry. @Stif
  8. Bbb


    I also hope that. @Admin Pls! Can we have an iDs Auction for New Year?
  9. Prize received. Thank you @Cupim @LaFleur @Crow for the contest. I am very grateful for this.
  10. Thank you for your good comment @Like and I'm glad you liked my drawing.
  11. Bbb

    My recent works

    Good job, I also like the design of Quie, but the others are good too. I think that every day you will do better.
  12. Thank you very much @Mystic, in fact I am preparing my last entry to contest, where there are many powers and smilies in a single drawing, surely tomorrow I will publish it.
  13. No, he sure forgot because he was sleepy. Hahaha
  14. Thank you very much @CarlosDesigns, and yes, I have taken a few days to finish everything and make it beautiful and cute, but this is what I love to do. The drawing is my passion.
  15. Hello everyone. My ID: iiiiiiGame (1508888308) Today, November 24 is the day of Black Friday. Power: BlackFriday Smilies used: (BLACKFRIDAY) - (BARGAIN) Here I show you another drawing, for people who like something nice and cute. Power: Cutie Smilies used: (CUBOW) - (CUHAPPY) Power: Onion Smilie used: (ONLOVE) Power: Aprincess Smilie used: (APRINCESS) Power: Kangel Smilie used: (KANROSES) Power: Valentine Smilies used: (ILU) - (ROSE2) Power: Popcorns Smilie used: (POPSPEECH#wTED) Next is a power that causes me a lot of laughter. Power: Toad Smilie used: (TOAD) This power is... Power: Xavi Smilie used: (XAVI) Finally my favorite face. Power: Sins Smilie used: (ENVY) "GOD bless you" Best regards to all. ¡Thank you! @LaFleur - - - - - - - - - - My last entry Merry Christmas for everything xat. By: TEDDY iiiiiiGame (1508888308) For a very special day, it is best to share with family and friends. Powers and smilies used: (ANGEL) - (TROPICALXMAS) - (PURPLE) - (BLUEMAN) - (PINK) - (WINTER) - (GIFTRATTLE) - (CHOIRTREE) (KXCANE) - (SNOWMAN) - (ROMANCE) - (ANGRY) - (MRSANTA) - (REINDEER) Additionally the xat logo and the space rocket with the Black Pawn: (X#) - (SS#) - (Name the black pawn is unknown) Only the Adm. xat (42) Have it. I hope you like it. ¡Thanks!
  16. 2220222 2200022 2002002 (One of the above) ¡Please!
  17. Bbb

    467 YOGA

    Yes! Many releases, the power price is very down.
  18. Hello everyone, today I want to make a suggestion about the records that have been marked since the appearance of the games (Gamebot). Within the records of today's Matchrace and Snakerace, it have been do cheat by some bad users who with bad intentions have records marked with programs, the same ones that are impossible to overcome. I am an expert player in games and I am very offended by that. Today I want to propose that the all records of the game matchrace and snakerace be restarted and the real players can deserve to enter the list of Top 10. Please. @Admin Thanks!
  19. Congrats @Angelo well deserved.
  20. Thank you for your answers guys. I'm glad meet to all.
  21. It's great... But where is the tournament of GameBot (zwhack)? I think this game would be very good so that all users have a chance to win. Greetings to all.
  22. I am interested in buying this iD. Contact me: /f1508888308
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