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  1. I hope another one soon. Thank you, Shizou.
  2. Come on! @Admin Release again ID (19960000) because that is the only one that has not been sold in the Auction. I want to buy it. Please!!!
  3. I agree with @Marya I suggest two ID Auction for each year. Date: 1. ID Auction/ New Year, January 1st. 2. ID Auction/ Independence USA, July 4th. 3. ID Auction/ Blackfriday. (OPTIONAL). I hope you consider this proposal, @Admin
  4. Hello guys. Hello @Admin If the ID (19960000) has not been sold, I ask you to release it again at the Auction, as when the same happened with the ID 444000444. (Due to an mistake bid). Please!!! I want buy it.
  5. So, it was better that too in the First part of the ID auction has been same as it will be now. (50% - 50%) But.. No matter, anyway it already happened. Now it only matters what is coming. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Yeah, I agree with that. But it should be considered that an auction was already made that included the 4, 5 and 6 digit IDs. I just say that now they should select IDs 7+ digits, so that others also have a chance to get one. Of course.
  7. Having done an ID auction of 4, 5 and 6, it would not be a surprise if the Admins include only 7+ digits IDs, I think.
  8. 11000 111111 10000001 100010001 Please!
  9. It's not a bad idea. @Dani-De-Virreyes Because I was very expectant for iDs of 7 and 8 digit. I would also like to buy a 7 or 8 digit ID. You could consider that suggestion @Admin Please!
  10. The Auction is for the New Year. I think this can start on sunday 30 or monday December 31 and end on January 1st. But all this depends on the Administrators, they have the last decision.
  11. I do not need days, but let me tell you that you are very kind to do that. Who do not have days go to xat ARCBot and enjoy it!
  12. 11000 111111 10000001 100010001 1100000000 Any of the above @Admin Please!
  13. Bbb

    ID Auction

    A special day like today, is not only to give xats, days or powers. Above all it is to activate (increase) the trade and to provide the opportunities to exchange, sell or buy powers in the Trade market so that they have the chance to bid for new IDs that come for sale (Auction) as in previous years. I know it and I agree with you. @lcky
  14. Bbb

    ID Auction

    At least make a small auction of 2 or 3 IDS (no 4 digits) to bid and choose any IDs. @Admin Please!!! The other way for traders will be boring not to have an ID Auction.
  15. Bbb

    ID Auction

    Hi everyone! The Black Friday day is coming soon, and for this reason I want to suggest a new ID Auction for that day. I also have many friends, users of the xat community who are very much expecting about it. @Admin Can we have an ID Auction on Black Friday? Please! If the ID auction would be possible, the appropriate days to do this are: Start on Friday 23th (Black Friday Day) and finish on Sunday 25th. I'll be waiting for your reply. Thanks!
  16. Thank you man, really It's one very good job!
  17. Ok. I hope it. Of course. Because it includes many games like: matchrace, snakerace, spacewar, etc. That's fine.
  18. Only trivia? Good luck everyone. .... I will be waiting for the gamebot.
  19. Bbb

    ID auction ?

    @Booh @Simone Please! Also the iD 3M and 5M has been registered. Note: To know if an iD has not been registered, you can use the following link to search for iDs: http://xat.me/a?id=15551 <example, just replace the number iD 15551 with the iD you want. This will allow you to identify if the ID you are trying to suggest has not been registered before and so that your suggestion is taken as valid. Thanks!
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